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Slovenian-Canadian Roots

You are invited to view the trailer of the new documentary film, titled Slovenian-Canadian Roots. If you would like to receive a DVD copy of this outstanding 45 minute film please contact Oscar Koren; phone: 905-669-2365; email:


Slovenski Dom Program for 2012

The Slovenski Dom program for 2012 is now available.   Please enter events that appeal to you into your calendar.  

Slovenian Culture Club Interest

Our cultural club in London is experiencing problems with declining membership due in part to the aging population of the original members as well as the younger generation not being motivated enough to come out and support the club.  I don't know if anyone has come across this in the Toronto area and I suspect not, giving the greater population as well as the vast events generally being held in the Toronto area to keep the interest going.

World Basketball Championships 2010

The Slovenian Men's Basketall team is once again performing well at the international stage, even without 4 of their best players ( Erazem Lorbek, Matjaz Smodis, Beno Urdih and Sasa Vujacic). 
If Slovenija makes it to the semi-finals or finals we will arrange a viewing somewhere in Toronto.  Stay tuned.
Play-off brackets  - Quarterfinals - Wed Sept 8, 2pm - Slovenija vs Turkey

Slovenian Cyclist reaches World Cup

I had the pleasure to meet Aleš Juvanc on his bike trek through Africa to cheer for the Slovenian National Soccer team at the World Cup in South Africa.  Check out the article in a local South African Newspaper - see attachment ( quick log-in required).   On a side note - Aleš is a cousin of one of our Board Directors- Frank Adamič. 

Gremo na Svetovno Prvenstvo....We are going to the World Cup

We have an awesome soccer team!!!.....what characater!...Pecnik's goal late in Moscow was unbelievable....then we totally outplayed Russia for the first 70 minutes in Maribor!...odlicno!
Goal in Moscow by Nejc Pecnik
Goal in Maribor by Zlatko Dedic - From Russian Channel

An appeal for individuals to participate - Slovenian Heraldry Branch, Toronto

To all members of Slovenski Dom,
This is an appeal to all who have some inkling of interest in Slovenian history, and who might even have an interest in heraldry, but don't know it, to consider joining me in forming a Slovenian Branch of the Royal Heraldry Society of Canada (RHSC).  The RHSC's main website is located at

Canadian Slovenian Historical Society - a question...

Would anyone know the status of the above Society?  It appears from their website, located at that it hasn't been updated since 2004.  I tried their email contact a few months ago but no response was ever received.

Happy Statehood Day!

To all Slovenians, in Slovenia and abroad, happy Statehood Day!  It's been 18 years!

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