Potica Challenge - May 2 2010 - Invitation

Slovenski Dom is hosting its 3rd annual Potica Challenge.  see attachment for details (quick log in required).  Come and support this wonderful community event.  Its Free and Fun!  May 2nd, 2010 at Dom Lipa 3pm to 5pm.
Among many local traditional culinary dishes, delicacies and delights, the Slovenian POTICA is quite unique in that it is shared in its basic form and ingredients by Slovenians from all corners of Slovenia. It forms an essential part of all major festivities and as such it remains a distinctive and enduring symbol of our Slovenian national identity and a reminder of our home country - Slovenia. For the Potica Challenge interested individuals are invited to form teams of three to five people led by a team captain (usually the most experienced potica practitioner). Each team prepares two poticas for the Potica Challenge. On the day of the event, all local Slovenians and their friends are invited to the judging at which samples of the poticas are available for tasting. The poticas are numbered, sliced to determine texture and appearance and then cut into test pieces for the both the judges and the audience to sample. At the judge's table, a second set of poticas, numbered identically to the first set is placed whole in front of the judges. After the judging is finished the winners receive their awards and the festivity begins.   
If you would like to enter a team, please contact Majda Resnik (416-222-5632)  mres4@rogers.com  
Each team will be reimbursed $50 for submitting 2 poticas.  No Admission for guests.  See attachment for more details.