Petra Majdič wins Bronze for Slovenija !!!

Petra Majdič wins Bronze for Slovenija at the individual sprint classic in cross-country skiing on Wednesday.  Even more impressive was the fact she fought through excruciating pain from breaking some ribs from an awful fall during training the previous day.   Bravo Petra !!!


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four broken ribs

Yes it was quite the gutsy performance.  I thought I heard that it was earlier the same day that she crashed but in any case it was an unfortunate spill. She was coming down a bit of a hill and around a bend where the trail went over a creek bed.  She didn't make the turn and slid off the track and slid/fell probably 3 or 4 metres down the embankment into some trees, which must have been the cause of the broken ribs.  I was suprised that she competed at all after that, let alone winning a medal.

Very courageous

Thanks for adding the pics and formating them neatly into the website.  Looks Good!  I saw her crash - yikes - very awkward and scary.  Its terrific that she won a Bronze - but the injuiry knocked our out of another competition and maybe prevented her from winning a GOLD.   Apparently the SLovenian Olympic Committe might sue the Game Organizers for having an unsafe track.