An appeal for individuals to participate - Slovenian Heraldry Branch, Toronto

To all members of Slovenski Dom,
This is an appeal to all who have some inkling of interest in Slovenian history, and who might even have an interest in heraldry, but don't know it, to consider joining me in forming a Slovenian Branch of the Royal Heraldry Society of Canada (RHSC).  The RHSC's main website is located at
I took it upon myself to create a Slovenian Branch website located at for the purpose of attracting and soliciting members. If you go to the "about the SB" tab, and then select "governing body", you'll notice a few people in there, in particular, Dr. Branka Lapajne whose agreed to take on the VP position.
The constitution of the RHSC dictates that in order for a Branch to be considered, it must have no less than 5 active Society members.  Branka is a member of the Society.  The challenge here is that I cannot be on the executive committee as I am the President of the RHSC, and therefore, would be a conflict of interest.  I can certainly play the role of director-at-large, but really cannot count myself as one of the five.
I invite the membership to visit both websites, and consider joining the Society and then participating in forming a very unique branch of the Society.  The members would need to live within the GTA in order to be able to attend the two or so meetings annually.
regards and lep pozdrav,
David M. Cvet